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Scarves complete a style and easily become your fashion statement when paired with the right accessories. Our soft and breezy scarves will complement your wardrobe without getting overboard.

Exclusive breezy scarves with beautiful patterns

Simi Boutique has launched its scarf range to add some spark to your apparel items at the best prices. You can find the right-sized and best quality scarves here to complete your summer or winter look. We have pashmina scarves for the winters that look classy with overcoats and jackets. These comfy scarves provide warmth and style simultaneously so that you comfortably roam around in snowfall. If you know the trick to wrap pashmina scarves, your winter attires would never look dull. However as our scarves are made of breathable fine and thin cashmere, they are good choices to keep you comfy for summer rainy days or autumn windy days. Whether you like mix-and-match items or prefer contrasts, Simi Boutique is a click away.

Buy beautifully printed scarves this summer and autumn

If you check out this collection, you will find a variety of pashmina scarves in unusual and beautiful colours. We have beiges, yellows, blues, and all other color ranges that you would wish for. If you wear skirts and tops, get yourself a light-colored scarf that matches your style. But, if you need something to pair with your jeans, go for a darker shade that contrasts with your summer tees.

Simi boutique has the most affordable and high-quality scarves. Since they are of superb quality, the scarf won’t shed colour and maintain its shine for a considerable time. These wear-resistant and double-sided scarves making them ideal for everyday use. Pull out a matching/contrasting scarf from your closet and run to a college, office, or a date. These light colour ones look refreshing and perfectly suit with summer tees, blouses, and dresses.
Whether you need a smaller one as a scarf or a bigger one as a shawl to protect yourself from the sun’s rays, this collection has got your back.

Our hot selling scarves

• Ethnic scarf

This one is made from 100% high-quality fine wool that doesn’t loosen with time and stays shiny even after continuous usage. You can experience Pakistan’s tribal hues with this special piece. The classy symmetrical pattern will easily fit your formal styles and the tribal pattern surely makes you look tastefully chic.

• Pashmina scarf

This elegant scarf is 100% Cashmere Scarf that wraps your body like a warm blanket while looking unusually dazzling. Furthermore, it is double-sided and it looks best with jeans and jackets.

Scarves are timeless; buying good quality scarves is a long-term investment in your closet as they never go out-of-fashion, and Simi Boutique knows that as your sustainable wardrobe starts with pieces that are made to last. Explore the collection before it is gone forever…..