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Build your dream look with our selection of women’s clothing.  From embroidered blouse, Batik dresses to floral cotton dresses, all handmade with a vintage touch.

Create a refreshing look with our handcrafted embroidery pieces

Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with needle and thread.  Some of the basic stitches are chain stitch, blanket stitch, running stitch and cross-stitch.  Most of our embroidery designs are inspired by nature, such as dog embroidery or bee embroidery.  They are super sweet and cute designs.  In the new coming orders, we would also include vegetable or fruit embroidery.  Some tribal designs are being made too.  For an absolutely adorable look, wear a puff sleeve embroidered blouse and pair it with a pair of jeans, a denim skirt or midi skirt.  You can even wear a hat to add an artistic touch to the look.  To have some embroidered details in the blouses or dresses can really take the look to another level, helping you to stay unique and look very refreshing.

All of our blouses and dresses are made of pure cotton from Pakistan.  Pakistan is one of the top cotton-producing countries of the world and it produces the best quality cotton as cotton is one of its principal natural resources.  If you like floral prints, check out our range of floral dresses, all handmade and made of pure cotton which is so soft to the touch and so floaty. The romantic floral fabrics yearn for colours with a soft vintage touch like dusky pink, powder blue or pastel cream.  They are the best choices if you opt for a casual look, summer look or beachwear.  The fabrics are so breathable and soft. The floral kaftans certainly help you to stay casual yet elegant.  For a stunning evening look with our floral dresses, add a pair of nice heels and some matching accessories.

Fresh and vibrant clothing illuminates your summer wardrobe

Batik is the textile art in Malaysia.  The Malaysian Batik is famous for its geometric patterns with vibrant colours but the most popular motifs are leaves and flowers.  It is a form of artwork, done on textile surfaces with the fabric dyeing method using wax to create patterns and designs.  This method makes use of a resist technique, it is a delicate and repeated process of waxing, dyeing and boiling.  There are two main types of Batik in Malaysia, hand-painted and block painted.  The more colours a batik fabric has, the more times it has been through the process of applying wax, dyeing, drying, and the removing of the wax.  The process has to happen in a precise order that will produce the patterns that are desired.  The use of batik has also extended from clothing to home furnishings, and to handicrafts.  It has become a national identity in Malaysia.

Build your sunny look with our selection of Batik dresses.  The dresses are all hand-dyed by local artists in Malaysia.  Each and every piece is again handmade and has limited stock.  Each piece has vibrant colours with artistic patterns which is a good choice for a fresh summer look.  They can be worn as dresses or tops to go with a pair of jeans and can pair them with a pair of sandals to add a refreshing touch to the outfit.  Besides,  our selection of Batik aprons are so beautiful and practical with a pocket on front with linen lining and adjustable neck strap.

Accessories for adding finishing touches to take your look to another level

Cashmere wool is a fiber obtained from cashmere goats, pashmina goats and some other breeds of goat.  The word “cashmere” deriving from “Kashmir” and Kashmir is a region in Pakistan.  Cashmere is known for its lightweight and soft properties.  In addition, thin and fine cashmere wool, for its breathable qualities, making it perfect for wearing in springtime or even summer, especially during rainy and windy weather.

The range of our cashmere scarves are of the finest quality, they are lightweight, soft, breathable and double-sided.  Don’t forget to finish the look with a pair of our nature-inspired earrings.

A fantastic collection of women’s clothing

With a range of our womenswear to choose from, you can create a look you have always wanted.  Whatever your personal style, you can let your personality shine in some of the womenswear available.  Choose floral kaftans for a summer casual look, embroidered blouses for a uniquely refreshing look or Batik dresses/tops for a vibrant summer look.  The pieces promise to make you stand out from the crowd as each and every piece is handmade and has limited stock.  Select women’s clothing at simiboutique.com for its affordable prices yet providing excellent comfort that at the same time help you stay tastefully unique.